World Mental Health Day

Sanctioned for missing the bus.
Unable to afford the train to the GP
Sleeping in doorways to avoid the cold
Stealing napkins to wipe the blood
Because you can’t afford luxury items.

Raped but you’re a criminal if you use the pills you were given by a friend.
Forced to full term because they don’t want you to control your body.
Counting the days in the young offenders centre.
Scraping pennies to organise a phone call home.

Waiting in the queue for the foodbank.
Deciding between freezing or eating.
Not letting your kids watch the news
because they ask what ‘deport them’ means.
Being followed around the supermarket
because you’re young and black.

Not holding your partner’s hand in public.
Wondering if you’ll make it home tonight.
Being put on a waiting list for urgent care.
Fighting for your child to speak to someone who can help them.
Choosing between facing the stairs or missing the appointment.

But it’s okay.
They tweeted #WorldMentalHealthDay


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