Pride Is A Fire That Burns In Us Tonight


I could not be prouder of Belfast tonight. We stand shoulder to shoulder and hand in hand with the victims of the terrorist attack in #Orlando. We raise our voices and our fists in defiance of the brutality and murder visited upon us by madmen and bigots whether it be Orlando or elsewhere.

We say love is love and love is beautiful. Love is beautiful and love is kind. Those who try to smash that won’t even make a dent. We laugh at those who try to divide us as with each strike we pull closer together. We have each others backs and all you do is unite us in a way that you fear. We laugh at your fear.

You try to silence us but with one voice we roar it will deafen you. Your time is up. Our time is now and forever. You cannot vanish us. You cannot stop us. You cannot win against power of diversity, equality and diversity. Thank you to those of you who stand with us daily.

Pride is a fire that burns in us tonight. You cannot extinguish the flames with the darkness that you create. A rainbow of sparks and flames that consumes us and reaches all of us from Orlando to Toronto and to Berlin, Sydney, Belfast, Johannesburg and Moscow. It burns brighter and fiercer than the hatred in your hearts. We will overcome.


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