This Isn’t Goodbye


A few short hours ago we said goodbye to my best friend, my hero and the best man I ever knew. My father passed away peacefully in his sleep surrounded by his family, holding my mother’s hand.

Our hearts break but you are no longer in pain, nor will you ever be again. A life too full of heartache but one filled with love. We will miss you every day Dad but the time for sleep has come at last and we send you into the arms of God with a glad heart. I am so proud to call you my Dad.

You were the strongest person I knew. The bravest, the kindest and the man who instilled in my brother and I the qualities that make a good man. I only hope that we can live up to that example. Don’t worry about Mum, we will look out for her as she has looked out for us. This will be tough without you and my heart swells with pain, knowing that you will never sit in that daft old chair of yours again, but we will get through it together.

Sleep now, Dad. The time for tears is over and this world is better for have known your kindness and your love. đź’™

Miss you with all my heart, until we meet again x


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