Women On Web Website Blocked? Here’s How To Access It

NOTE: All information below is taken from the Women on Web website here: https://www.womenonwaves.org/en/page/4599/women-on-web-website-is-blocked

In some countries, you might find that the Women on Web website is censored. Here you can read about several ways you can try to circumvent the blockage.

world map freedom of information

Send an email and ask for the online consultation or any other information. 

For android phone users: You can also download the Women on Waves safe abortion app from google play store and complete the online consultation there. 


You can send an email to info@womenonweb.org and ask for the consultation or general information about medical abortion. The form will be emailed to you. Please always check your spam box for the reply.

You can also download and use the TOR browser https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en

If the Tor Project’s official website and mirrors are also blocked, you can use TOR GetTor via SMTP (email). Send an email to  gettor@torproject.org with one of the following options in the body of the message:

  • windows: If the user needs Tor Browser for Windows.
  • linux: If the user needs Tor Browser for Linux.
  • osx: If the user needs Tor Browser for Mac OS X.

GetTor robot will reply with links to download Tor Browser.


Try to redirect with a short URL


Sometimes the URL’s are blocked but you can access the website’s through a short URL.

For Women on Web you can try the following short URL’








For Women on Waves you can try the following short URL’s:




Use an anonymous surfing site


You can use downloads from Tor Project  or Tails

Here you can find lists of websites that offer anonymous surfing

90+ Proxy Websites To Access Blocked Websites and


If you click on any of the websites on these lists and fill in http://www.womenonweb.org, you should be able to access the website.


Use online translations services to bypass the block


Go to one of the Online translation services like AltaVista, BabelFish, Google Translate and fill inwww.womenonweb.org or www.womenonwaves.org.   and click translate even if you don’t need to and Google or AltaVista  or Babelfish will fetch the website.


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