LGBT Refugees

I have been involved in helping members of the LGBT community who have come to live here, some of whom have expressed concern regarding their treatment due to their sexuality. In June I contacted the UK Home Office and Minister for Immigration James Brokenshire MP to ask questions regarding the treatment of refugees coming to the UK to escape persecution for their sexuality.

In 7 countries homosexuality is punishable by death and in 70 more there are custodial sentences for homosexuality. Currently throughout the EU there are no laws criminalising homosexuality and as the UK is one of the most progressive on this front it is no surprise that many from countries where it is illegal come here to seek refuge.

Screenshot 2014-07-12 at 17.04.57Screenshot 2014-07-12 at 17.05.13

The below video is a news report from Jamaica, it is reported that a gay man was forced to be rescued by police after a hate mob trapped him in a clothes shop. These kinds of attacks are common in parts of the Carribean, Africa and indeed parts of Central Asia where religious dogma surrounding homosexuality extends to national laws. LGBT people face discrimination in employment, housing, health and even law enforcement. It is not uncommon for gay couples to be forced from their homes by hate mobs that are often allowed to, or backed up by, the police and local politicians.

More recently Uganda, Russia, India and Ethiopia have passed laws to criminalise homosexuality. When the police and your own government won’t help you then it is no surprise that people in those countries are turning to the UK and other Western nations for help. 


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