Live Below The Line

This year I am taking part in the campaign to end extreme poverty and hunger. For 5 days starting from tomorrow I will be living on £1 a day for all my food in an effort to raise money for Able Child Africa.

Able Child Africa specialises in helping disabled children in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Initially founded in 1984 as the Uganda Society for Disabled Children (USDC) to support children injured by the Ugandan Civil War in the 1970′s and 1980′s. In 2007, USDC in the UK became AbleChildAfrica and began supporting work with disabled children in other countries and with additional partners. AbleChildAfrica currently has 5 partners across Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, with USDC remaining its oldest partnership.


I am taking part in this challenge as I believe that in 2014 there should not be 1.2 Billion people worldwide living on less than £1 a day. I am being challenged to be creative with what I eat and to appreciate the lengths that many people have to go to, even in the UK, to feed themselves. However it is important to remember that whilst I am only being forced to make £5 last 5 days for just food, those people face a reality where £1 is all they have to pay for everything they need such as clean water, heat, clothes, medicine and an education. For many the task is impossible and we must do more than sympathise. We have to take action.

Planning what I was going to eat was harder than I anticipated. I have detailed my food for the week below and how much it cost:

Tin of potatoes x3 – £0.15 each
Tin of mushy peas x2 – £0.16 each
4 pack of yoghurts x2 – £0.33 each
Load of whole meal bread – £0.45
Bag of apples (8) – £1.00
4 pack of white fish fillets – £0.80
Tin of carrots – £0.19
Tin of tomato soup x2 – £0.25 each
Tin of chicken soup x2 – £0.25 each

All in all I came £0.08 under budget but it doesn’t leave me much room for error. I cannot have any condiments or any food I eat must be what I have bought. I cannot accept donated food and I can only drink tap water, not soda, tea/coffee or even fruit juice. I am however taking a multi vitamin tablet each day, whilst it is important to remain true to the challenge I don’t intend to become ill during it.

I am aiming to raise £200 by Friday and if you want to help me and Able Child Africa you can donate here:

Please dig deep and I promise to blog my progress each day!20140427-205740.jpg20140427-205753.jpg


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