Theft of Election Posters Is An Attack On Democracy

The recent string of Alliance Party election poster thefts from across the country is an affront to the democratic process and must be condemned.

Posters promoting our message and vision for a shared future are as much deserving of a place within local towns and collages during election season as those from other parties. Paramilitary gangs masquerading as ‘Loyalists’ believe they are achieving something by illegally interfering with the democratic process. They are not.

The choice on 22nd May is pretty clear cut. You can either stand with those who tear down election posters, oppose democracy and the rule of law by burning out cars, destroying homes and holding communities to ransom through fear and intimidation.

You can stand with those who refuse to see sense and work towards a shared future, the same parties that placate extremism rather than condemn it or you can stand with the rest of us. We have come too far and too long to be bullied or brow beaten.

On May 22nd exercise your right to vote for something better.



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